Documentaries and News Clips on the Medicinal Value of Cannabis

Cannabis Rising: The Key in the Lock. Your health. Your Future

A very powerful collection of documentary samples. news clips, and actual patient videos that show how cannabis cures and treats: Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Skin Cancer,  Epilepsy, Brain Tumors, Seizures, Leukemia, Diabetes & Obesity, it’s use as a preventive medicine and more. You will essentially see this miracle medicine at work in several of the clips.

Marijuana Cures Cancer! (Not sure if this is the real title of the documentary)

A great documentary that covers the numerous medicinal uses of marijuana.

Run From the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story

The full documentary. This film details how cannabinoids can cure several diseases and ailments including cancer. A must watch.

WEED: A Dr. Sanjay Gupta Special

CNN Sr. Medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta explores medicinal marijuana. There are better documentaries to be perfectly honest but this is highly informative.

Medical Cannabis – Educational Documentary – Cannabinoid Compounds

Scientific documentary on cannabis. Explains the “Endocannabinoid System” and how we have as part of our physical makeup, a set of neural receptors that are designed to naturally respond to cannabis consumption.

The Dial Hall Story – Cannabis works for those even on their deathbeds.

Parts of this video were shown in the “Cannabis Rising: The Key in the Lock, Your Health, Your Future” documentary (that’s actually where I first heard of this story).

A very eye opening and shocking set of home video clips that show the effects of cannabis on a person on his deathbed.

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta publicly apologizes for being so wrong about marijuana.

Short clip discussing Cannabis as a vegetable, not a drug. Discusses benefits of consuming cannabis raw.

Harvard medical professor Dr. Grinspoon discusses cannabis.

Michael J Fox endorses cannabis medication for Parkinsons. Video evidence of another Parkinsons patient recovering and medicating with Cannabis.

The video title seems mislabeled. Collection of news clips discussing Rick Simpson oil.

Tommy Chong battles his prostate cancer with Rick Simpson oil.

Here’s a follow up article to his results:

Father gives his toddler hemp oil to save him from a brain tumor.

Autistic boy given cannabis to treat his symptoms.

A couple of clips related to the show Weed Wars. Father gives his son cannabis to treat his epilepsy.

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