Consuming Raw Cannabis to Cure Cancer – Cannabis as a plant and vegetable. (You don’t get “high”)

The following is a compilation of recordings and mini-documentaries discussing the many medicinal benefits of consuming cannabis in it’s raw form. It is important to note that when consuming cannabis in it’s raw, unheated form, and as a dietary supplement, you are receiving the many medicinal benefits of the plant without the psychoactive properties often associated with smoking marijuana; in other words, you don’t get high. These clippings and recordings offer an alternative way at looking at cannabis – as a plant and vegetable rather than a drug.

LEAF [The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis]
Short documentary discussing the properties of raw cannabis and the benefits of consuming it as a juice.
Found on the youtube channel LeijaTurunen

Juicing Cannabis Explained
Medical patient demonstrates and discusses his cannabis juicing method as he incorporates lettuce and carrots alongside the marijuana leaves. Also included are clippings of various medical experts whom advocate the use of cannabis for a great number of medicinal purposes.
Found on the youtube channel Juiced Cannabis.

The Power of RAW Cannabis
Interviews with Dr. William Courtney, MD and Kristen Peskuski, a patient who successfully used cannabis to cure her lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, that illustrate what is possible with a juicing regiment of raw marijuana.
Found on the youtube channel  xclucifer.

Raw Cannabis Advantages – William Courtney, MD
Interview taken from the Seventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics (Tucson, AZ, April 2012). Discusses why juicing raw cannabis accesses more cannabinoids and other phyto-compounds than heated cannabis.
Found on the youtube channel cannabistherapeutics.

FREE Life TV – Dr. William Courtney on the Dietary Benefits of Raw Cannabis.
Full lecture from a seminar regarding the dietary benefits of consuming raw cannabis; a case for it being a dietary staple is made.
Found on the youtube channel  FreeLifeFilms.

Juicing Raw Cannabis
Medical patient John Strangis discusses the health benefits of juicing and demonstrates how he incorporates cannabis into his juicing regiment.
Found on the youtube channel John Strangis.

If you have found the information contained in this article and site useful and informative, please simply share and spread the word about cannabis. There are a plethora of health benefits from the cannabis plant including it’s ability to fight and cure cancer as well as many other diseases and ailments. It’s use as a hemp product is another topic of discussion, but needless to say, the cannabis plant remains an underused resource that could greatly impact our way of life.

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