A marijuana momma testimonial

Patients for Medical Cannabis

I am an MJ+ Momma of one and pregnant with my second. I have decided to continue medicating strictly with MJ because I have Carpal Tunnel, Extensive Nerve Damage – Neuralgia, Type 1 Diabetes and also combined type ADHD. I stopped my ADHD medicine, as soon as I knew I was pregnant, and have continued with the other. It helps with my appetite which remains suppressed, I have a BMI of 18 and it drops when I stop consuming MJ. My cholesterol also rises from 173 to 207 when I stop vaping/consuming. Anytime I stop I get debilitating pain in my hands and wrists. My feet become tingly and I am unable to work.

I was once given a cortisone shot in my hip for bursitis, my blood sugars soared beyond 530, I was exhausted and felt ill. I was since offered cortisone for my wrists and I refused because…

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