How Will The ‘Green Wave’ of Cannabis Acceptance Reshape America?

CBD Health and Beauty

By Chris Kilham; Medicine Hunter, March 26, 2014,

10004013_523645994421823_484541627_nLegal cannabis is raising spirits and revenues in Colorado, while helping Denver, the ‘Mile High City,’ re-earn its name. Thumbing their noses at federal lawmakers by legalizing both medical and recreational cannabis use, Colorado lawmakers anticipate taking in a whopping $134 million in taxes on legal pot sales this year. And that’s just the beginning

High revenues from “getting high” got a major lift from Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement in January that U.S. treasury officials, wishing to cash in by taxing stoner dollars, will issue new regulations regarding banking services for state-approved cannabis concessions.

Banks in those states where pot is legal for medical or recreational use will now be able to offer business loans to pot entrepreneurs and hold revenues from lucrative marijuana businesses, without winding up in the slammer alongside many of the 750,000 Americans busted each year for…

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