Terpenes are becoming the New Spice Trade

The Abakus Blog

terpenes2 I remember when there were only three kinds of weed: schwag, Mexican and super expensive, which was anything from Colombian Gold to Thai-stick, varieties you seldom saw in the 1960s in the Midwest. Now there are hundreds of strains and navigating the marketplace is getting tricky.

Ever since Rick Simpson popularized the use of oil to treat cancer, there’s been a steady growth in oil production and use. Seven years ago, the oil being offered on the black market varied wildly, and some samples undoubtedly contained poison, just as some cannabis flowers being sold on the black market have mold or other potentially deadly contaminants.

For decades the cannabis world has been obsessed with THC, and now it’s all about CBD. But soon, the world will focus on the importance of terpenes, at least one of which fits into a THC brain receptor, but all of which influence medicinal effects…

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