A Potential Cancer Treatment Stymied by Stigma, Politics and Big Money


cannabis_cures_cancer_google_it I am a skeptic about these things… or at least I used to be. I used to chalk it up to paranoia or attribute these things to conspiracy theorists trying to stir the pot. But the more I research things like climate change, big-agriculture, ALEC, etc. I become more and more skeptical, except now I am not skeptical of the assertions so much as I am skeptical of the industries and the government. A friend of mine posted this and my initial reaction was “Ok, there has got to be more to this.” So I looked into it and what I found was very interesting to say the least. It is true that cannabis and its constituent compounds such as THC and CBD have had very positive results with regard to treating tumors and pain in the very few small studies that have been done. But the problem is that…

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